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When we hear “cruise ship inspections” we think of uniformed crew members lined up for review by their captain. However, cruise ship inspection is far different from that. It’s actually a detailed check of a ship’s ability a ship to provide you with a travel experience that safeguards your health and well-being, conducted by inspectors from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They also look for US Public Health Signs inside the cruise ships as part of the mandatories they must follow.

Cruise lines place primary importance on protecting your health while you’re on board, as well as the health of your fellow guests and the crew members who serve you. They follow numerous and strict regulations designed to assure cleanliness, disinfection and food safety. Having US Public Health Signs on board is crucial because these remind crew members the importance of following protocol and standards to safeguard both guests and cruise ship members as well.

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We Create US Public Health Signs For Cruise Ships

Most US Public Health inspectors can come onboard in any port in the world and this is the reason why Us Public Health Signs must be present and visible in order to assure that cruise ships are following protocol. If you want the best signs onboard your cruise ship, feel free to contact Lucite Creations. Call us now!


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